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Client Story

Firstly established as a  factory, more and more of our existing  customers ask us for fully Assembled Printed Circuit Boards delivered to their door to take away all the time consuming stress of component procurement and assembly. In order to meet customers' request and market developing trends, Sunthone develops into a one-stop solutions provider . 
A Korean Client of Us

This Korean client is a high-end electronics brand, which is very professional on electronic market. After evaluated the basic requirements of customer’s project, our engineering and design department quickly work out the concept drawing of the sketch 3D design and 

delivered products immediately. They thought we are very professional and our quick 

sample also met their needs.

A European Client of Us

In 2021, A French client searched from Google to find our company and knew that we can customize high-tech cable and supporting cable of VR devices. They showed some requests 

like conform to the highest standard for VR data transmission, customize their brand’s logo and so on. According to their needs, we made the samples and tested at once. They are very satisfied with our first time cooperation.


One stop solution providing maximum value backed by high-definition audio 

and video products and premium service 

to our customers.





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