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1.High Quality & Performance

HDMI, DP VESA listed adaptor for years
HDMI 2.1 ATC fully certificate from Ultra High speed (UHS®) from 0.5/1/1.5/2/3/5/7/8/20 meters
CE, ROHS,UEKA, FCC/IC listed certificate and material
ISO9001:2015 Quality system approved

2.Competitive Price and Products coverage

Optimized and Stable Supply Chain support with long term strategy supply chain
Highly skilled manufacture procedure and R&D flow

3.Stronger OEM&ODM Ability

R&D/PMC/F&A dept with years experience in industry provide you one station solutions to fit your demands. 

4.Quick New Products Launch for marketing

Creative Designs for marketing material on photography and video service for your business.

5.Professional Supply Chain

Monthly production up to 200,000 PCS cable
Annual sales over 10million USD
Average lead time within 25 days
Experienced and formidable supply chain integration ability on cooperating with over qualified global suppliers of IC/Wire/PCBA/Shell Material in electronics accessories in top of industry to offer rapid order fulfillment and delivery

6.Flexible Quantity Order Manufacture Available

Flexible order production Lines to fulfill small quantity orders production for variety of models.

7.Comfortable After-sale Service

Quickly respond in 24 hours
Respect your Feedback & Solutions
12 Months warranty


One stop solution providing maximum value backed by high-definition audio 

and video products and premium service 

to our customers.





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 E-mail:ps.hk@posh-shine.com

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